Plantation Drive In Chhattisgarh

On the 11th of September, we organized a tree plantation program in village Pandaripani, Chhattisgarh.

Villagers supported in great numbers to make this event a success. People of all ages and genders came together to make their village a greener place.

We planted trees like Pipal, Neem, Mango, Kadam, Jamun and some local fruit trees, which along with having religious and environmental importance also had the potential to provide livelihoods to the villagers later.

We also encouraged the usage of organic manure and vermi-compost by demonstrating agricultural practices to them at field.

The villagers are always welcomed at our farm for queries and resolution of various problems that they face. We also connect the farmers to the district Kisan Vigyan Kendra (KVK) and help them with all the necessary incubation.

We are also starting tree plantation drive in the local government schools so as to impart the knowledge of trees to the children by conducting various competitions.

These children will be the local guardians for the trees they plant and we will be helping them with all the necessary inputs for those plants to grow.

Until now, We have planted more than 6000 trees in a span of just 2.5 years and plan to increase the pace by about 10% in the following year.