Waste Management

We  look after waste collection,  segregation and processing from domestic and commercial setups.  We  work with all women team (Self Help Groups) for this. The waste  is collected  everyday and send to our Solid Liquid Resource Management (SLRM) Centres. Dry and wet wastes are segregated there. Wet wastes are turned to manure, vermi-compost and bio-fertilizers to be distributed to the farmers at very affordable rates. The dry wastes are sold to the scrap dealers by our SHGs to earn some extra income.



We conduct plantation drives very often. We involve the local schools, colleges and companies to participate in such drives.

We have planted over 5000 trees in a span of past one year. 


Introducing Better Farming Practices 

With Drip Irrigation, we have saved 90% of water in a month to grow beans!  

Additionally, we have saved electricity by using the pumps for 37 minutes a day instead by 5 hours everyday. 

The Tarpaulin sheets used have eliminated the use of weed control and have maintained the required moisture of the plants to grow. 

We hope to benefit all marginal farmers by such demonstrations and trainings. 

We along with the KVK of our district are also training farmers to adapt to organic farming with better yields.