Mitaan, which means ‘friend’ in the local language of Chhattisgarh, is a brand by Kshitih Foundation. We intend to be what our brand means, for you, for our artisans and for our environment.

We are committed to work for the upliftment of the rural and tribal women weavers and artisans by up-skilling their craftwork, helping them earn their livelihoods and make them feel empowered at the core. We are now a happy family of 150 artisans and we aspire to grow larger with each passing day. 

We encourage sustainable fashion and eco-friendly lifestyle,  hence we have tried our best to be as responsible as possible by minimising the water usage by up to 60%, using clean fuels and natural dyes such as Turmeric, Beetroots, Carrots, Pomegranates etc which are bought from the leftover fruits and vegetables to help the local farmers/vendors of small and marginal capacities to minimise their loss.  We are also a practitioner of ‘ahimsa silk’ or ‘non-violent silk’ since we do not kill the silkworms to extract the thread from the cocoons. 

Our artisans of jute, bamboo, dhokra art and earthen pottery are also trained to implement the concepts of recycling and up-cycling by creating an interdependent ecosystem which reduces the waste production to almost zero. 



We skill the people from marginalised communities to be earn their livelihoods.

Most trainings are related to our brand ‘Mitaan’.

The most recent training that we provided was for stitching masks to be supplied to all the local administration employees, PSUs like NTPC, SECL and private companies like Vedanta.