Providing Free Education

We have been teaching in state-run government schools where there is lack of teachers. We are trying to understand the problems that the students and teachers face so that we can build a product/system/service that helps them become more efficient and solve their general problems of availability of certain resources, unlike various other EdTech platforms which are difficult to adapt for these schools.


Educating Parents/Guardians

Understanding the fact that being literate and educated are two different things can make a huge difference. It’s not only the responsibility of the schools but also of the parents to ensure that their children get a right kind of environment to grow. Kshitih is on its way not only to improve the education standards in government schools but also to make the guardians aware of their rights and duties as a responsible citizen of India. Let’s build a great nation together!


Gyaan : The Library Project 

We have set-up a library in one of the state-run government schools to encourage the habit of reading.

With the success of this model, we are planning to open 5 more libraries in different schools from July 2020.
We have partnered with another enterprise, EdTech Dreams to fulfil our common vision.

We have already been taking classes on ‘Sex Education’ for the teenagers in these schools and are planning to introduce ‘Humanities’ at the primary level school as a subject.